Ten Landing Page NO NO Practices

In honor of All Hallow’s Eve, I decided to scour the online world and find ten landing page practices that every marketer should avoid.

Caution: Some of the content will send you chills, so be ready.

Spooky Non-Specific Landing Pages

1. Eek, message mismatch. Vineyard Vines tempted me with their enticing copy, but left me asking for more when I hit the landing page. Where has the white sweater gone? It has disappeared without a trace.
Vineyard Vines
2. I get an eeries feeling something is amiss. MetLife promotes coverage for $21/month but headlines on the landing page $14 per month. When experimenting with ad copy, don’t forget to create cohesion with the landing experience. You will be frightened by the positive return.

I see websites.

3. iBehavior captured my attention with their banner ad, but then sent me to their corporate website post click. It’s a missed opportunity for driving a targeted, relevant experience that drives spooktacular conversion.

4. How do I unleash the innovation? Oracle promised unleashing innovation and then sent us to their solution center.

5. Insurance premiums can be scary.  That’s why I appreciated the Facebook campaign from Liberty Mutual promoting protective device discounts, but then fell flat on the landing page. Don’t forget that social media campaigns can use a healthy dose of campaign specific landing pages as well.

The Mobile Mash.

6. Café Press had me at 25% off in their email but left me confused when I hit the landing page. Always be thinking about how your visitors will land on your campaign. Your visitors don’t want to feel trapped in a maze with no out.
7. Silverpop had a great campaign – but could use some boo-tification. The landing page isn’t mobile optimized, and the form alone left me shaking in my boots.

Frightening Form Practices

8. Forms play an important role in conversion. In Devry University’s case, there is some room for improvement. It’s one form with multiple form fields. Consider a two step form with a status indicator to maintain form engagement. It also wouldn’t hurt to add a “Why we collect this data” to build trust and not frighten the respondents away.

Eerie Ineffective CTA’s

9. You can have a pointed banner ad that falls flat when clicked through to a landing page with no conversion path. AOL I wanted to learn more, and learn I did. But where is the call-to-action? Where is the creative cohesion?

10. I’m haunted by the lack of campaign cohesion. I liked the Facebook campaign Clear, as well as the use of a QR code, but I clicked through and was left scratching my head. There is clear message mis-match between Facebook campaign and QR experience.
Sometimes learning from other brand campaigns can be the most illuminating for your own conversion strategy. Share these scares with your colleagues and ensure that these same practices won’t haunt your conversion performance.
Source: ION

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