Tools for promoting a Webinar

So if you have been wondering what all tools are available for you to promote your webinar well we have a checklist here for you. Over the years there have been additions and deletions based on changing technologies and customer responses.

You need to follow a mix and match routine here. From the tools here select a few, mix them up for each of your events. Where possible match the tools with prior successful webinar promotional tools and re-use them.

By Regina Antony

Email Invitations

The most common way of getting registrants for your webinar is email marketing. Ensure all the necessary information like registration links, time date etc. are well highlighted. You will have to create a database of emails that you can utilise for sending out the invites. If this database is well defined you can even target the email only to those for whom the webinar will be of interest, thus getting a higher response rate. You can use

  • Your in house email database
  • Buy a database on rent. However be very specific in terms of the target audience when buying the list
  • Send emails on behalf of your management / sales people. This will allow you to target a small group of people however the response rates & quality will be far higher.
  • Speakers Network – utilise your outside speakers mailing database to send invites on behalf of the speaker as well
  • Third party emails – if you have sponsors or partners utilise their email list to send invitations on their behalf or a thought leader from them. An endorsed email can get you increase in responses.

Direct Mail Invitations

Here we are not looking at sending snail mail invitations. We are talking about giving an invitation letter with a response card at a live event you / partner / vendors etc. are holding. For e.g. if you are attending a conference where you are hosting a workshop, hand out these to the attendees along with the workshop material.


Website landing Pages

If you can get your registration page on to your website it’s a great way to convert traffic on your site. This page should have all the pizazz of great content and easy way to register. All ads or shared links will drive prospects to this page on your site.

Banner Ads

If you have the band-with to pay & create banner ads then it’s one of the most aggressive tools to promote your webinar. However you should research carefully which sites to host them at and if possible you can place them on the high traffic pages on your own site. This can also be used in e-newsletters of your partners, speakers or networking firms.

Social Media

You can create events on social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook and advertise it there. You can also use YouTube channels to host samples of previous recordings where you can advertise your current webinars. Twitter is also a great tool for you to advertise the details of the webinar.

Alternative Promotion

If you have a press release worth webinar happening for e.g. a speaker or a new product launch. Also upcoming event calendars can also come in handy if you have a webinar planned as a promotional tool

Unless you ask and you shall not receive is a principle I follow! Ask your prospects and clients to forward the invite to someone they think would be appropriate. All it needs is one line of motivation in the invitation for them to forward it to someone relevant.


If you are doing a paid webinar then a phone campaign would help. Please do ensure that you run it alongside other tools like email campaigns etc. Your sales guys can also use this as a way to gain interest in their cold calling campaigns.

Finally cross sell! Talk about your upcoming webinars at the next trade show, webinar etc. More so if you are running a theme, as an introduction or end of the show routine.

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