THE BOREDOM FACTOR – Meetings & Conversations

We all are passionate about some topics while others might bore us to death and beyond. When you are conversing/presenting you need to remember that. This can help you identify when they are floating away in their own head!!

I asked some people when someone is boring them what do they do?


In this case it’s not, if someone is interrupting you that indicates they are bursting at the seams to point out their view vs. yours! Which in essence means they are interested in whatever you’re babbling. However on the other end of the spectrum do watch out for those who are interrupting because they just like their voice better than yours!!

Conversation in Meetings & Presentations


The need for chillies in our food varies from different food types and on our personal taste! The same rule applies to our conversations. Sometimes you may need to give a lot of information however on the other hand it may not need much. Also just like we need salt in our food people like to express their viewpoint as well. If they are unable to do it then they are not interested in consuming that conversation any further. So remember the amount of information required and give them space to express their point of view, else you will lose their interest.


As kids when our parents were giving us a lecture we perfected the art of responding without listening! So when you hear someone responding with “Oh” “Is it” “Uh Uh” “OMG seriously” it’s a great indicator of when someone is bored stiff with your babble.


One of the rules of dating is that you know if he/she is not that into you they will not call you! So also if someone is not interested in your conversation they will not ask you to clarify anything. Even if they do, they will be the standard, how the weather is kind of questions!


If you are in a meeting listen to what the body of the other person is saying. If they are turned away from you it means they are playing the field. Instead if they are sitting forward with their eyes focused on you and not checking papers and phones it indicates a real interest. The same rule applies to a speaking audience as well! If they like what they are listening they will be less restless. If their angle of vertical alignment in relation to their chair is hitting 45 degrees then it’s time to change the topic!

So next time you are in a meeting or giving a presentation make it count by identifying when it’s time to change the tune! 


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