Tackle Social Media Marketing With These 4 Tricks

Who has time for Facebook , Pinterest,Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn and whatever else is coming down the pipe? This is the top argument I hear when a new social media platform is launched.

By Steve Cooper

It’s the same I used before mymentor nudged me to embrace the full power of the tweet many years ago.

Now, I don’t have the luxury of being able to delegate social media marketing duties, which is why I devised a few tricks to be effective and efficient. The first step is to not think of social media as a burden, it’s business. When you allow yourself to accept that social engagement is not optional, you will quickly find what was once a time suck is now the best use of your precious minutes. Here are four tricks I use to squeeze the most out of my precious time.

These four simple tricks will help you get the most out of your time on the various social media platforms. (Photo credit: kdonovan_gaddy)

These four simple tricks will help you get the most out of your time on the various social media platforms. (Photo credit: kdonovan_gaddy)

One Click Solution: This is probably my favorite trick. I dump all of the social networks I post to into one bookmark folder on my browser. With a single click they all open in their own individual browser tab ready for me to post. The exception to this is Twitter, I use a standalone third-party tool for that (TweetDeck), although this can be run within the browser as well. Having all the networks open at once allows me to quickly paste the destination URL while I customize each post appropriate for the network (more on this in a minute).

Mobile Sidekick: While I want to be engaged, I don’t have time to stay online and chat all day. My trick is download the mobile apps for each of the social networks and then turn on their notifications and alerts so that even in the locked screen, I can see if someone has connected. This allows me to immediately respond and take advantage of a social media swell that may last for just a few minutes. Also, having these alerts come up on a mobile device means I can respond even when I’m away from my desk. The beauty of social media marketing is the immediacy of it, and getting alerts is a great way to keep pace.

Skin the Cat: When I post our featured story in the morning on Facebook, it’s not the same post that I put on Pinterest, which is also different from what I post on Tumblr. All of these individual posts point to the same destination URL, but I try and optimize each post for the platform on which they are residing. For example, on Tumblr I will post a quote from the story, which is often too long (even when butchered and truncated) to appear on Twitter. On Pinterest the post will provide the image from the article and just the headline. On Google+ the post will include the image, headline and description. Find what works best for your audience on each platform and skin away.

Rinse, Repeat: I’ve never heard anyone complain that they are getting too many funny episodes of Seinfeld on TV. People enjoy great content. In fact, they’ll check it out more than once if it’s interesting enough. Also, it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that just because you posted something once on one platform that all of your followers and fans have not only clicked on that post, but read and savored every word. Don’t be afraid to post the same thing more than one time, however, try to change it up just a little bit to improve upon the original. Social media is a living, breathing thing that constantly needs to be fed.


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