Top Five Secrets of Great Coaching in Leadership

True leaders know it’s never about them. Leadership is a gift; you are entrusted with the responsibility of fulfilling the higher purpose of the organization, creating a vision of the world when that higher purpose is finally attained and executing clear strategies to bring the vision to life. Truly great leaders know that to do this in a long-term, sustainable way their number one priority must be the growth and development of their people.

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THE BOREDOM FACTOR – Meetings & Conversations

We all are passionate about some topics while others might bore us to death and beyond. When you are conversing/presenting you need to remember that. This can help you identify when they are floating away in their own head!!

I asked some people when someone is boring them what do they do?

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Are Soft Skills More Important Than Technical Skills?

While it’s true that technical skills are very important, customer experience falters when employees lack the soft skills needed to effectively convey information to customers. Are soft skills more important than technical skills? Yes, I believe so. Organizations frequently allocate mass amounts of time and money into technical skills training, and forget about the more important soft skills training. Technical ability quickly loses value when employees can’t empathize with a customer’s situation, are unable to diagnose the core issue in a timely manner, or are incapable of adequately conveying information without using technical jargon. Employees with sub-standard communication skills will tarnish your brand experience. Continue reading