Driving Engagement on Facebook-4 Steps

If you’re the admin of a Facebook page you spend a lot of time cultivating your FB marketing. Despite Facebook’s ongoing evolution, it’s possible to have an engaged following as part of your larger digital marketing strategy. Regularly posting relevant, interesting content, Interacting with your Facebook audience is part of Facebook community management. Though you can’t expect each Facebook post to spark comments, you can learn as to what prompts Facebook users to interact with page content.


Content — Why People Share on Facebook

When creating your Facebook Fan page you must first decide what to post. We must first understand what is it that compels our fans to share. Once this part is sorted we can create good quality viral posts that will get the customers hooked onto the brand you are creating. Here we look at the top 4 social behaviours that occur on Facebook, and in life, so we can actively create conversations and build relationships that will result in sharing of content.

Content Marketing – B2B

Not doing content marketing? Where’ve you been? Creating and sharing valuable content helps brands stay relevant and meaningful. If you don’t use it to sell, and keep it authentic and high quality, content marketing can be a great way to build customer loyalty.