How Brands Are Using Social Media To Make TV Ad Buys More Valuable

Seen through the lens of marketers, social TV is merely another facet of big data. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook channel millions and millions of reactions to TV and video content. Social TV analytics vendors take all this chatter, they filter it to screen out the junk, they categorize keywords and sentiment, and spit out numbers-backed insights.

By Josh Luger

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Driving Sales Top Digital Marketing Objective

When it comes to digital marketing, small- and medium-size businesses have high hopes. Not only do they hope to drive sales and increase brand awareness through their digital marketing efforts, but they also hope to reach new customers and drive customer engagement from digital marketing efforts as well.

Businesses also hoped to identify customer insights  and achieve cost savings and productivity from marketing. Businesses also list obtaining sales leads and improving search engine ranking as other reasons for going digital.

By: David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer

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Key tips for Webinar marketing

Webinars are a great way to market your business. They help you get your brand out there, increasing buzz, traffic & offer a great way to build your prospect lists. However, the question is how you promote it? Down below we discuss some of the key tips you should keep in mind when promoting your Webinar.

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Content Marketing – B2B

Not doing content marketing? Where’ve you been? Creating and sharing valuable content helps brands stay relevant and meaningful. If you don’t use it to sell, and keep it authentic and high quality, content marketing can be a great way to build customer loyalty.